Welcome to 
STRIVE College Prepatory Program

STRIVE is a college predatory program designed to prepare upcoming high school juniors and seniors to apply and enter college, specifically a Historically Black College and/or University (HBCU).

As we assess the needs and areas of interest of our students, we will seek to provide the experience of on-site or virtual visits to college and university campuses and access to admissions directors, counselors, financial aid officers, department chairpersons and student representatives. 

We will work with both the student and their parents as they interact with various universities to ensure they understand the necessary information presented that will benefit both the student and their parents in their chosen area of study.

As students enter these institutions of higher learning, we will continue to offer mentoring for those who need additional support as they matriculate through their collegiate experience.

Our overall goal with STRIVE is to serve as a community resource by sharing information on educational opportunities, mentoring opportunities, and personal development skills. We will offer sessions that will strengthen the skillsets necessary to ensure success on multiple fronts.

If you are interested in enrolling your student in the program, please click, complete, and submit the application to [email protected] Once the application has been received and processed, we will schedule an interview and discuss the program in further detail. 

            We look forward to working with you!